I Work From Home With A Toddler And I Haven’t Lost It Yet

March 1, 2019


I love working from home. I get to play with my daughter all day while still being challenged on an intellectual level. But it’s not easy. On the tough days, it often feels like I won’t be able to make it through the day. Here’s what I do to keep myself together as a work from home mom.


Get Out Of The House


Working from home means that you are spending long periods alone at home with your only company being your toddler. To beat the loneliness that is inevitable when you work as a freelance writer make sure you are scheduling a time to see other people.


Once a week, usually on a Wednesday, Papaya and I go visit my mom. We spend some time together and I get a little break from being in my own home all of the time. 


Even heading out to my local coffee shop is a welcome break when I find myself losing inspiration. I can set up my laptop while Papaya takes a nap. Most of the time I get a surprising amount of work done with the sound of chattering people around me. 


Do Some Exercise


The one thing that became clear very quickly when I started working from home was that my activity levels suffered dramatically. I do all of my work at my desk and sometimes I get so focused on what I am doing I hardly get any steps in during the day.


So, I added two thirty-minute walks to my daily routine. Not only was this the easiest way for me to make sure that I get 10,000 steps a day but I noticed a dramatic improvement in my health and emotional well-being.


I also rely on my FitBit to give me inactivity notifications when I haven’t moved enough. I strive for 12 active hours each day. How I get there varies. Sometimes I take a short walk in my garden or I rebound on my trampoline for a few minutes. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you keep moving.


Set Everything Up The Night Before


Every evening after Papaya has gone to bed, I make sure to prep everything that I am going to need the next day. This usually includes:


  • Snacks

  • Clothes for both of us

  • Charge all of my devices (I can’t tell you how many times I have forgotten to plug in my laptop and then been stuck next to a charger all day)

  • Activities for Papaya

  • A quick tidy around the house

This really works for me and makes me feel like I have everything together. It also saves me a lot of stress when I have a deadline coming up and a cranky toddler. Bringing out a new activity keeps her entertained and stimulated while I have a few minutes to get things done.


How do you stay sane when you work from home? Leave a comment down below or join my online community to get in on the conversation. 

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