January Update

February 1, 2018





How is it the first of February already? It feels like yesterday that we were welcoming in the new year. I suppose that each year January flies by quicker than the previous year. I have been reading 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 old house for the past five years and she always does a currently post which I really enjoy reading. I was inspired by Cindy and thought I would try my own version. So here we go!


This month has been quite eventful for Maia Papaya. She had been doing an army crawl since right before Christmas but lately she has been able to push herself up onto her knees and crawl that way. This means she can go a lot further, a lot faster and she loves it. Even though she can crawl she is still a little bit wobbly and my nerves are absolutely shot. We haven’t had any major incidents yet but I am so worried about her getting hurt.

Around about the same time Papaya mastered crawling she also started pushing herself up to stand. Now she uses whatever is closest to her to pull herself up (this unfortunately includes my hair and her dad’s beard). She has always enjoyed being upright, she was just a few weeks old when she started trying to bear weight on her legs. Now that she has discovered she can pull herself upright she gets so excited. We have our mattress on the floor, in accordance to safe co-sleeping practice, and she will stand on the floor, hold on to the mattress and just squeal in excitement. She is just too cute.

Otherwise Papaya has been as perfect as she usually is. She has been going through the sixth leap in the wonder weeks so sleep has been a bit of an issue. Luckily both Bennie and I are night owls so we aren’t suffering too much from the late nights. There is also no sign of any teeth yet. I have been feeling her gums and telling everyone that I was sure I can feel a tooth since she was about 5 months old. But no, I’m wrong every single time. I keep telling Bennie I don’t think she’s ever going to grow any teeth. I suppose I should be glad that she doesn’t have any teeth yet because I am planning on doing extended breastfeeding until she decides to self-wean and I think the addition of teeth will be a whole new experience. But man I think she is going to be so so cute with some pearly whites.



So we are watching The Office. Again. Last night I asked Bennie how many times he thinks we’ve watched it and he didn’t have an answer for me. I think we must have watched it at least five or six times together. It really is our favourite show, it never ever gets old, even though we do quote the dialogue to each other before they say it on the show. We also saw Thor Ragnarok over the weekend and I really enjoyed it. In general I am not the biggest fan of superhero movies but this was really funny and enjoyable.

We have also gotten back in to playing games on the computer. When we just started dating we would play quite a lot of Xbox together ( can you tell I was trying to impress my new boyfriend?). Then we grew up a little and we stopped gaming together. Bennie got us the newest Mass Effect game and I am so in to it it's not even funny. In general I love sci-fi and because the game has such great story line it feels like we are just watching a really long movie. I am just slightly obsessed at the moment.



Bullet Journal

I rediscovered my bullet journal in a big way this month. I started keeping a bullet journal last year as a way to keep track of my pregnancy. It was a really great place to write down all the special things that were happening. Then Papaya was born and I had like zero time to spend on my journal. Now she’s a little bit older and I have a little more time I have been so inspired to work on my journal.

I spend a lot of time on Pinterest looking for inspiration and I am a little disappointed at the content available for moms who journal. I have been thinking of doing a few more posts on how I set up my journal and tips and tricks I have found after journaling for a year. My mom and I have also been working on a special project that will hopefully be useful for other bullet journal keepers. I hope to share with you very soon.



I used to really enjoy cooking, I would spend hours and hours making extravagant meals and trying out new recipes. But lately cooking just feels like a huge chore to me now. When Bennie is at home he is really great at taking care of all the cooking but he works shifts. So for four out of every ten nights I have to make dinner and I never feel like doing it. So I unpacked my crock pot and it has changed my life! It’s so easy to just prep your ingredients pop them into the slow cooker and come back to a delicious meal a couple of hours later. if you're looking for some inspiration feel free to go check out my pinterest page!



I hope you enjoyed this little insight into our January. I hope you enjoyed the first month of this year as much as I did. What did you do this January that was exciting? Please subscribe and go check out my Instagram and Facebook page to see a little more of what goes on in our lives!

















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