How I used my Bullet Journal to set goals for 2018

January 9, 2018






So we come to the beginning of another new year. I love the promise a new year brings, a full 365 days for you to make the best out of. With this new beginning it is always so tempting to set resolutions but realistically I don’t think I have ever stuck to new year’s resolutions for more than a month.

Instead I decided that this year I would be setting clear goals for myself and my family. On new year’s eve, after the baby had gone to sleep, Bennie and I sat and had a serious discussion about what we would like to happen before the end of 2018. My next step was to actually write down what we had discussed. This is the crucial step, if you don’t write it down you are going to forget. So it was time to get my bullet journal out.



The set up itself is very simple. I used a ruler and a pencil with hard lead to draw guidelines, I then used a liquid gel ink pen to write in the details. The wreath I drew on to yardstick with my black pen and a green fine liner. I then embellished both pages with some washi tape. I split my year into three categories, short, mid and long term goals. My short list consists of things I would like to accomplish in the next three months. I love these goals, they feel like things I can easily achieve. It also helps that when I look back at my goals spread I am reminded of what I want to accomplish and I also get the satisfaction of regularly marking goals as completed.

The goals that I listed under Mid are all things that require a little planning and saving. I am particularly excited about renovating our porch. When we bought our home it was already looking a bit shabby but I had dreams of making it into a lovely space where we could have dinner on hot evenings and host parties over the weekends. Unfortunately that never happened and now we hardly ever spend any time on our porch. I think the biggest problem is that it is uncomfortable, so I want to invest in some outdoor furniture. Another big issue is that the ceiling boards need to be replaced, so Bennie are in for a nice DIY project. I can’t wait for this little project to be completed, I have been working so hard on my garden that I feel like I deserve somewhere special to enjoy my efforts.



Most importantly is little Maia Papaya’s first birthday party! I love planning a good party and the fact that I get to plan a party for my own kid is very exciting. When I was little my mom would make me feel like the most special little girl in the world so the bar has been set high. I have been thinking about her first birthday party for ages now and I am very torn on the theme I want to go for. On the one hand I want it to be very special but on the other hand I realise she won’t remember what theme her party had. Luckily I still have a little while to plan and decide.

My long term goals are things that we want for the end of the year. 2018 really is the year for big birthday parties. My husband is turning 30 and we are aiming towards an epic party to celebrate this milestone in November. I can’t wait to spoil him and I might even plan a little getaway weekend for us, after all you only turn 30 once. Also I get to plan two big parties this year! Yay!!!!!

We are also very excited about going back to Hogsback for a holiday at the end of the year. We spent our honeymoon there and that sleepy little town has been calling our names from the moment we came home after our honeymoon. With its lush forests and rolling mountains it is reminiscent of Tolkien’s middle earth. It really is like stepping into a magical realm, here you spend your days hiking through mists and visiting gardens full of fairies.



All in all I am very excited for the year that lies ahead. I hope you enjoyed my first Bullet Journal post, I hope to share more of these with you throughout the year!


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