5 month old baby update

October 24, 2017


I have a five month old! I still find it so hard to believe that she’s here but on the other hand I don’t remember what life was like before Papaya. Bennie and I talk about how lucky we are to have her at least once a week. We both knew that we wanted to have kids but I don’t think we realised how much joy a baby brings into the home. Before you have a baby you hear stories, see movies and read about how difficult it is to take care of babies. Sure it can get tough but I wasn’t prepared for the fact that Papaya only has to smile at me once and I forget about everything. I forget that it took me an hour to get her to nap, that I couldn’t take the bubble bath that I was looking forward to or that I couldn’t sleep in after a long night. 



In this last month I feel like Papaya has made really big leaps. She has started showing much more interest in what is going on around her. She loves exploring texture and will happily lie on the couch and touch the fabric of the couch and her own clothes. Her absolute favourite is when Heidi let’s her touch her ears, usually Heidi is only interested in licking Papaya so it really is a treat when she gets to touch Heidi. When Papaya sees Heidi she grins and reaches out to her, it is the cutest thing and Bennie is convinced that they are going to be best buds. 


A big development this month has been that my tiny girl has quite a large temper. She has always let us know when she isn’t happy about something but now she moans at us and grunts until she gets what she wants. Usually it happens when she drops something and wants it back or if she can’t pick something up. There was also an incident where we gave her a melon rind to explore, she got a little over excited and we took it away from her again. I don’t think any of us were prepared for what happened next, she got so angry at us and when she saw we weren’t going to give it back she actually started crying. I think we might have our hands full when the terrible twos hit. 



As you can probably tell by the melon catastrophe, Papaya is obsessed with food. Or rather with the fact that she is not allowed to have any yet. I’m waiting until she is six months old to start baby-led weaning but this little baby just wants to start eating. She stares at us during meal times and will try to grab food out of our hands. I feel so sorry for her but she can’t sit by herself yet so she has to wait a little bit longer. To keep her happy during meal times I’ve noticed that she likes sitting in her high chair with a toy to play with. I think she feels included in the company but she is distracted enough that she doesn’t want what we are having.



Papaya has started doing loads of other fun things as well this month. When she stands on my lap she will sometimes grab my face with both of her hands bend down and kiss me with her mouth wide open. She makes the cutest mmmmmmmm sounds when she does it, I melt every time! She is also not very fussy about where her kisses land so sometimes I end up with a nose, cheek or chin covered in baby spit. She has also just started rolling over from her back to her tummy so I think I am going to have to start doing nappy changes on the floor. When Bennie was a baby he rolled off of his parents bed and broke a leg so I am terrified of leaving her alone anywhere she could roll off of. 



I’m actually quite sad that I didn’t start writing these updates sooner as I think I am really going to enjoy reading this when she gets older. Let me know if you enjoyed this and if I should keep on posting them!




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