Why you should try wearing your baby

October 17, 2017

I got a beautiful green stretchy wrap at my baby shower and it was one of the things I was most excited to use. In fact the first time I used it was the morning after Papaya’s birth. I was clumsy, unsure of what I was doing and I had to watch about a hundred tutorials before I finally got it.


By the time Papaya was three days old we were going for short walks with baby and basset in tow. I really don’t know how I would have survived the newborn phase if it weren’t for baby wearing and here’s why I would recommend it to any new parents!



It’s great for bonding


When you baby wear you are able to get to know your baby’s cues and they feel reassured that you will always respond to them. I know you have probably heard this a thousand times but tiny babies really do love being skin to skin. I really found baby wearing made skin to skin time something I looked forward to doing. It also helps that a stretchy wrap keeps your baby tightly against you so at the beginning it feels a lot like you are still pregnant. Which makes the adjustment of your baby being in the big world much easier for both of you.



It counts as tummy time


Papaya, like most babies, hates tummy time. When you wear your baby and they are awake and looking around, they use the same muscles they would during tummy time. I hardly ever put Papaya down on the floor for tummy time and she is reaching all her milestones. She is more tolerant of tummy time, outside of the wrap, now that she is able to roll over.



It frees up your hands


Newborns don’t like being put down, so it can be really hard to do anything. I usually put Papaya in the wrap when I need to get things done. She naps while I clean or make dinner. It also makes shopping really easy! You only have to push your trolley, can you believe it? Instead of that dangerous game of pushing the trolley in front of you and dragging the baby buggy behind you while you frantically try to get out of there as quickly as you can.



Baby carriers come with built in sleepy dust


Baby too tired to sleep? Wrap them and go for a walk. Baby not feeling well? Put them in the wrap and walk around your house. Seriously, it has gotten me through many a sticky situation. Baby carriers remind babies of being back in the womb. They are constantly moving, they can hear your voice, breathing and heartbeat. This is a recipe for nice long naps and a very happy baby.


I really am quite sad that Papaya has outgrown her green wrap but I am so excited to try out the new carrier! Having some sort of  carrier really is a lifesaver when you have a tiny baby.  


Let me know why you love wearing your baby!




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