Body Stress Release and your baby

September 22, 2017


I love Body Stress Release and I have been going since I first found out that I was pregnant so naturally I take Papaya as well. After the great results of her most recent session I would definitely recommend it to anyone.


So what is Body Stress Release (BSR)? 


As the name suggests the main purpose of BSR is to find and release tension that is stored in the body to allow the body to heal itself. When going for Body Stress Release the practitioner first does an assessment by pressing on specific points to determine where the tension is located in the body. Then the practitioner will apply a light pressure in certain directions to aid in the release of tension. Appointments are generally half an hour to forty-five minutes long and most people do need a follow-up appointment after they first go for BSR. 


Why I take my baby for Body Stress Release.


When Papaya was born I noticed that she was very restless when she was sleeping. She also really struggled with nightmares which I assumed were caused by trauma from her birth. After her first session I noticed a huge difference in her, she slept more peacefully and she was also much more comfortable being held. 


I decided to take her for her most recent appointment because she had just gone through a growth spurt and was in the middle of a developmental leap. I was also slightly worried because she hadn’t rolled over from her tummy to her back. I could never put her down on her tummy with out her crying and generally being very uncomfortable. It was after this appointment that I noticed the biggest change in my baby. By the next day I could put her down for tummy time without it being an ordeal and the day after that she was rolling like she had been doing it for her whole life. 


I love BSR as it is a very gentle way to treat stress in my baby’s body. The practitioner will do the treatment while baby lays on the mothers chest which is reassuring for both mom and baby. The pressure applied is also very gentle, I have never had any issues with residual pain after an appointment which was why I felt comfortable with taking Papaya in for treatment. Lastly I absolutely love Body Stress Release as the practitioners are very intuitive and will only continue with the treatment for as long as the baby is comfortable.


For more information and to find a practitioner close to you go to



Let me know what you think of BSR below and please feel free to share this post if you enjoyed it!

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