March 5, 2019

Papaya will be turning two in just a few months. Like most other toddlers, we have been experiencing more and more tantrums over the last few months. I quickly came to realize that I could get upset and the tantrums would be difficult for both of us or I could keep my...

January 9, 2018

So we come to the beginning of another new year. I love the promise a new year brings, a full 365 days for you to make the best out of. With this new beginning it is always so tempting to set resolutions but realistically I don’t think I have ever stuck to new year’s r...

November 14, 2017

Maia Papaya has been going through her fifth developmental leap according to the Wonder Weeks. As a result I have been dealing with a little grumpy girl the last couple of days. Usually she sails through a leap and we can hardly even tell that it’s happening but these...

October 17, 2017

I got a beautiful green stretchy wrap at my baby shower and it was one of the things I was most excited to use. In fact the first time I used it was the morning after Papaya’s birth. I was clumsy, unsure of what I was doing and I had to watch about a hundred tutorials...

October 10, 2017

This is my family, my husband, Bennie, our little Maia Papaya and me. Not included in our family picture is one very energetic and much loved Basset hound, named Heidi. Our journey thus far has been a wild one, so really I should have started blogging ages ago!

I met my...

October 9, 2017

I have a lot of stuff and that stuff has created many problems for me in the seven years that I have been living in my own home.

Since Papaya was born I felt the need to simplify and that meant getting rid of all the stuff. As I started emptying my house and letting go...

September 22, 2017

I love Body Stress Release and I have been going since I first found out that I was pregnant so naturally I take Papaya as well. After the great results of her most recent session I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

So what is Body Stress Release (BSR)? 

As the na...

September 1, 2017

I was sixteen weeks pregnant on my wedding day, can you say stressful? Bennie and I had been engaged for five months when we found out that we were expecting Papaya and had our wedding date set for December. Somewhere along the line one of us thought that it would be...

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