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I’m Megan, mamma to Maia Papaya. I decided to start this blog to document my adventures as a first time mom. I am a great lover of making beautiful things and find nothing more exciting than learning a new craft. I am a bookworm (although I hardly have time for reading these days) and I have used my love for reading and knowledge to finish two degrees and begin a third which I will hopefully complete next year. I also enjoy cooking, baking and I have recently decided to try and revive my sad looking garden ( I keep complaining to my mother that I did not inherit her green thumb and she keeps assuring me that there is no such thing, gardening only takes patience and dedication, I am not quite sure if I believe her ). 


My whole life changed on 23 May 2017 when my husband and I welcomed our most beautiful girl to the world. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what a difference such a tiny person can make in your life and how passionate I would feel about being a mother.  Maia, who we have affectionately called Papaya since I was about six months pregnant, has been the biggest inspiration in my life thus far. She is what inspired me to start this blog and also to start a business with my mom which will allow me to make a living and see my baby grow and thrive. I hope to share my journey to becoming a work at home mom with all of you!

 I also want my blog to be a place were I can share the good times and the bad times. A place where I can share what motherhood has taught me and also where I can learn from others who have been there before me. 


Thank you for going on this adventure with me!


Pretoria, South Africa | info@papaya-me.com | © 2017 by Papaya & Me

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